DIY Set-up for Bandcamp + PLUS package

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DIY+Set-UP+Bandcamp+Music+Promotion PLUS.jpg

DIY Set-up for Bandcamp + PLUS package



For bands and artists that would like to maximize their Bandcamp success and exposure, we have an answer for you!

We now offer a complete strategic Bandcamp evaluation of your music along with a do-it-yourself (DIY) plan of action customized for your album.

With your purchase of the DIY Set-Up + PLUS package you will receive the following from Raven Guide:

  • A complete evaluation of your Bandcamp music album.

  • A recommendation for tagging your album to receive the best possible placement on Bandcamp.

  • A detailed outline of how-to-sell your album at the correct rate to maximize the Bandcamp algorithm.

  • Positive, proactive Bandcamp marketing tips uniquely designed for your album.

  • Custom strategic feedback to create a Bandcamp page that works as a powerful marketing platform extending beyond the Bandcamp community.

With the + PLUS package we also implement all target keywords directly into your Bandcamp account for you; saving you time and guaranteeing that your album qualifies for as many Bandcamp Best-Selling Sub-Genres as possible.

Another benefit of the + PLUS package is the additional custom 10 keyword tags we do for you outside of the profile page's 5 maximum keyword tags.

The + PLUS package includes a recommendation for what song to use as your Bandcamp single. Listeners browsing albums on Bandcamp can only hear one of your songs, so picking the best song is vital for attracting new fans.

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