Spotify Editorial Playlist Promotional Strategy


Spotify Editorial Playlist Promotional Strategy



Using best-practices methodology, we strategically follow Spotify's guidelines for submitting your songs. By creating a roadmap for when and how to maximize your album’s promotion efforts.

  • First, we determine what songs will do best in pitching through the Spotify Editorial Playlist submission process. We match what songs will do well in particular Spotify Editorial Playlists.

  • We analyze your music album to determine what genre and sub-genres your songs fit best in by referencing our database of Spotify Editorial Playlists. Using the correct keyword selection is vital in communicating to Spotify where your music best fits.

  • We handle the submission process by providing you a detailed customized PDF document that explains how to go about your Spotify Editorial Playlist strategy. With detailed step-by-step instructions and a personalized plan.

  • The final step involves us writing a customized pitch that goes directly to the Spotify Editorial team. We take into account everything about your music and craft a compelling pitch capable of maximizing your chances for landing on a Spotify Editorial Playlist.

  • We will be there for technical and strategic support from song selection all the way to submitting the pitch directly for you through your Spotify Artist account.

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware that you must have unreleased music to purchase this service. Spotify ONLY accepts Editorial pitches with unreleased music. Our strategic plan requires that we guide you through putting your NEW album up on Spotify. We must be part of this process because the strategy is ONLY useful if done before uploading your album to Spotify. We also need a minimum of 6 weeks to prepare and pitch your music to Spotify, so the earliest we can set your album for Spotify release is 6 weeks from the day you purchase our Spotify promo service. The lead time is a function of allowing enough time for us to prepare your strategy and for Spotify to review the submission. Once your album goes live on Spotify, it no longer qualifies for the Spotify Editorial Playlist submission process.


If someone tells you they can get you on a Spotify Editorial Playlist if you pay them, it is untrue.

Spotify makes it very clear that Payola does not exist on Spotify. What we do for you is act as a consultant in helping pick the best songs to submit and we also provide the keyword strategy for selecting the genres and sub-genres. With our help, we can assure you that we will do all the right things to make sure your chances are at their best. Spotify recently announced a new way to submit music for consideration for their playlist. There are very detailed instructions on how to go about it, The first being you must submit an unreleased song from an unreleased album.

NO REFUNDS: If you are buying this service and do not have any unreleased music for Spotify or you have already uploaded your album to Spotify, we can only offer a credit towards a future release, no refunds under any circumstances, only a future credit.

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