Artist Management

Want help managing your music career?

For select bands and artists, we help assist and guide your musical path. As a Raven Guide artist we will help manage and direct you in the following areas;

  • Digital Strategies including all streaming services, retail outlets, public relations, art direction, press, social media plan, radio, video, and custom web-based promotional roadmaps.

  • Music Production Direction including overall audio direction, song selection, collaborations, style development, recording process.

  • Partnerships including co-brand opportunities, contract negotiation, cross-promotion, film/TV/gaming placement,

  • Live Performances including live video opportunities, local gigs, touring, and festivals.

  • Label Solicitation including publishing deals and shopping your music with appropriate record labels and industry insiders.

Artist Management for indie artists and bands.png

Since we only have so many resources to go around, we must be very selective in choosing who we will take on for artist management.

We do not charge for artist management but instead take a percentage from your gross income. For consideration in joining our roster of artists, you must purchase the DIY + PLUS package. With the + PLUS plan we review your music for artist management along with a custom Bandcamp and Spotify plan for maximizing the success of your album.

Our team has experience in helping artists and bands reach their goals. We aim to bring you greater creative production and brand impact.

If you are looking for artist management purchase the DIY + PLUS package and we will consider your album along with a comprehensive Bandcamp and Spotify strategy plan.