Bandcamp Discover helps bands promote their music

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If your an artist looking to share your music within the Bandcamp community, you must leverage the Discover application in your favor. A few years back, Bandcamp developed a way for people to search and find music on their platform. The Discover app works by creating a variety of keywords to choose from when searching for music.

A potential fan picks a genre followed by sub-genres and can even choose a city. The Discover app also allows a user to select best-selling, new-arrivals, and artist recommended.

Sounds easy right? Well not exactly if you don't understand how to select qualifying keywords you won't even show up in the database.

Through our research, we have found that over 99% of bands and labels fail to maximize their exposure in the Bandcamp Discover app. They DO NOT tag their album's and profile with the appropriate keywords. The tags have to be precisely spelled and formated as Bandcamp's algorithm dictates. Failing to do so, results in your album missing out on key opportunities no matter how many streams or sales of your album.

An album with much less popularity can show up in various search configurations ahead of a more popular album. For the keywords determine what albums qualify for the best-selling and new arrivals lists. And our extensive research shows that not even 1% of bands are even using half the available keywords. Then add that they are also failing to choose from the qualifying sub-genre tags and we have the vast majority of bands missing the Discover search queries.

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You can get ahead of thousands of albums and artist by tagging your profile and albums correctly with Bandcamp Discover.

When we first figured out how Bandcamp was running their algorithm for Discover, we took an old pre-released album of mine from a year before and made the keyword changes. Over the next few months, we aggressively looked at ways of promoting our Bandcamp page. At the same time, we made all necessary keyword changes to target a fan base. We followed Bandcamp's tagging algorithm and started to move up the best-selling charts.

First, we hit #1 in folk for the city of Seattle, and eventually, we charted as high as #3 Indie Folk in the world on Bandcamp.

We know that we didn't find a magic formula all we did was figure out how to utilize Bandcamp's Discover algorithm best. Yes, it took a while to break it down and figure out what would work best, lots of trial and error.

Obviously, you can't guarantee an album's success on Bandcamp. What you can do is create a strategic marketing plan around a keyword outline. By building your profile with proper keywords and target marketing, you ensure that an album will qualify for as many opportunities within the Discover app. And the Discover app is a way of connecting to new fans.

Unfortunately, Bandcamp has yet to explain in detail what an artist should do in properly tagging their album. Bandcamp is vague about tagging an album and does not give the instructions or guidelines as to the Discover's way of delivering an album to a new potential listener.

For bands interested we will help create a DIY plan for as low as $96. If that's too much money for you, by all means, study the Discover app and breakdown how it works. Take the time to understand what and where your music will do it's best and properly tag your music. For every band should maximize their potential on Bandcamp, it's a marketing opportunity that 99% of bands are missing.

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